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Fitness Results – Week ending 2/17/08

I had another good week.  This is my 3rd straight week of hitting over seven hours of exercise a week.  My cycling is starting to pick up, both in spin classes and outside.  I roughly cycled 60%, walked 20%, and strength trained 20%.  It was a good mix.

Here is my workout logbook from Sweat365.


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My 2008 Goals

Here are my 2008 Fitness Goals:

  • Exercise 365 hours – an average of an hour a day.  It is my personal dedication to Sweat365.
  • Have a 35 inch waist.  By waist, I mean as measured around my belly button – where it’s the biggest.  Currently my waist is 43 inches.
  • Blood Pressure consistently at 120/80 or better.  Currently running around 135/85.
  • Lift using 225 pounds for 12 reps on Back and Chest.
  • Climb Mt. Shasta June 26 to 29 (Over 14,000 foot, in Northern California). 
  • Complete RAW Bike Tour August 3-9 (visit 4 volcanoes, over 30,000 feet elevation gain).

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Check out Sweat365

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