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Workout Summary – January

January is always a tough month for me.  It is usually one of the busiest times for me at work, and their always seems to be a lot going on.  It is also the darkest, rainiest, coldest month as well. 

Translation:  I didn’t work out as much as I hoped I would.  I ended the month with roughly 20 hours of exercise, and I was shooting for an hour a day.  I also didn’t do as much high intensity workouts as I had planned.  Nothing to panic about, I have plenty of time to get it together.

 2008 YTD Activity

Bike: 20 miles
Run : 2 miles
Walk: 51 miles
  Bike: 1.0 5.0%
  Run : 0.5 2.4%
  Strength: 2.8 13.9%
  Walk: 15.6 78.8%
  Total: 19.9

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Volleyball Drill – Exchange

For those just getting started in volleyball, nothing is more important than learning how to pass the volleyball.  Exchange is a volleyball drill that works on team passing.  Not only do they work on keeping the ball in play, but they also work on calling for the ball and working with their teammates.

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  • There are two teams, one on each side of the net.
  • Each team has four players, a setter (at the net) and three backcourt players. 
  • After each dropped ball, new players can be rotated in.
  • Ball is put in play by the coach


  • Players can use forearm passes (bumps) and overhead passes (sets), but may not use overhand hits.  This is a passing game.
  • The side must use all three hits in order to score a point.  If they get the ball over the net in less than three hits, play continues, but they do not get a point.

Game Variations

  • Start with this game.  Each side of the net works together.  The goal is to score 10 points in a row, keeping the ball in play the entire time (remember, you only get a hit when the side uses all three hits, but the ball stays in play even if they use less than three hits).  Give the team a set amount of opportunities to get 10 points in a row (usually 10-20).  If they use up all their opportunities without getting 10 points in a row, then they all run lines.  This game requires both sides of the net to work together.
  • A more advanced version is to have the two sides compete.  Points are scored the same, but keep track of each side’s points.  It’s minus 1 if the ball goes out of play, and minus 2 if they let it hit the floor.  Play to 21, and the losing team has to run lines.
  • A third variation works if you have enough players.  Each side competes against the other, and the side that loses is out and a new group comes in.  These games are fast pace and should go to 5 or 10.

Remember, working on advanced skills won’t make a difference until you have your basics down.  Nothing is more basic than passing and keeping the ball in play.

If you are serious about your volleyball and want to improve your fitness, check out sweat365.

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Hiking 10 Essentials

When in the mountains or on a hike, being prepared for emergencies is critical. That means always carrying the “10 essentials.”

These vital supplies will allow you to treat some injuries and help keep you or an injured companion alive until help arrives. Remember, even rescues in relatively accessible places take time.

The 10 essentials include:

Map — So you can get where you’re going or communicate your location to rescuers.

Compass — Critical for navigation and providing rescuers with your location.

Flashlight/headlamp Going for help can mean a long hike in the dark. Don’t forget spare bulbs and batteries.

Extra food — For warmth and strength.

Extra clothing — For covering an injured hiker to prevent shock, as well as for keeping warm.

Sunglasses — Eyes are especially vulnerable to the bright sunlight encountered in the mountains. These can help avoid eye damage.

First-aid supplies — A ready-made, storebought kit may prove inadequate. It is best to construct your own, based on expert advice.

Pocket knife — Can be incredibly versatile in time of need.

Matches — Being able to start a fire can be the difference between life and death. Be sure to keep them in a waterproof container.

Fire starter — A fire starter, such as a candle, kindling or chemical accelerant, increases your odds of successfully getting a blaze going.

 In addition to having the 10 essentials, it’s also important that you be fit enough for your hike.  I keep motivated with my fitness at Sweat365.

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Murphy’s first trail walk

Murphy and I hit the trail today.  Murphy is my golden retriever puppy.  He is now 13 weeks old.  He made it 2.5 miles today, and looks like he’s ready for more.  He has also ran for a mile straight.  He is a very energetic puppy.


You can track your workouts online at Sweat365

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Struggling to get going

I checked out my workout logbook, and I see that I have only exercised 8 hours this year. I should be doing at least that each week. I have really struggled since the beginning of the year. I don’t know if its the post holidays, the fact that we are in the heart of winter, or what.Last year was my most consistent year ever with exercise. As a result, I lost 15 pounds. My goal is to lose another 15 pounds this year. I was hoping to lose a lot of the weight in the winter, so I wouldn’t have to worry about restricting calories in the summer. So far not so good.Hey, if you want your own logbook, you can get one for free at Sweat365. You can also add your wordpress blog in their community.

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Walking vs Running

I am torn!   Last year I ended up walking over 400 miles (check out my sidebar for 2007 totals).  The highlight was in December, when I walked the Las Vegas Half Marathon.  I ended up walking it in 3:04 (for 13.1 miles).  It averages to a 14:03 pace per mile – which is really smoking for a walker.

 For 2008, I want to increase my intensity.  My problem is this.  I really like walking, and I never have to worry about getting injured.  But it doesn’t raise my heart rate high enough anymore.  So I’m thinking of running, but I’m worried I won’t like it as much, or that I’ll get injured.  Last year I started running, but somehow messed up my calf, so I had to give it up.

So far I have not ran this year.  I have walked more uphill, and walked on treadmills at an incline.  I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing.  I guess we’ll see. 

Either way, I know I’ll keep tracking my stuff at Sweat365 – it’s what keeps me going.  I love seeing the miles and the hours build up.

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Walking in the rain

I walked today for my exercise.  I walked 4.6 miles in 1:10.  It dumped rain the entire time.  The bummer was that it was really nice yesterday, but I stayed inside and watched football instead of going outside and exercising.

You can check out my fitness blog at Sweat365.

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